We'd suggest that some issues we discuss on this page are being overlooked in your comparison.

Our calculations are based on an estimated spot price for gold of $1000. Today's spot price is almost exactly 25% higher.

Also, the calculations shown above factor in a refining fee (that reduces the payout amount by %15).

Very big unknowns are the crown's weight (which even your dental school doesn't know until the crown is actually fabricated), and the gold content of the alloy (which we show two sets of calculations for above so to consider in this factor).

Also, the calculations above only deal with the possible value of the gold content of crown on its own. They overlook that a precious dental alloys also contain other metals that have value (something your dentist pays for but a refiner will not unless an assay is performed).

Also, a dentist typically pays a premium for the alloy that's used. The dental lab will buy the alloy at fair-market price. To cover associated expenses, including waste incurred, the lab marks up the price, even on the order of 25%.

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