We understand your point, but also your dentist's side too.

There's nothing normal about a crown coming off after just one year, but things can happen.

If you delayed in getting back to your dentist's office it seems likely that your teeth have shifted and could be the reason why your crown no longer fits right and needs to be remade. (We have a page with instructions about how to prevent that: What to do if your crown comes off.

Your dentist's expenses for the work will be the exact same as the first time around, that's why they're not offering a discount.

You might be due an explanation about why the crown came off (and maybe a discount for that reason), although that answer would be impossible for anyone to give.

Generally speaking, the responsibility in not seeking immediate treatment (and having teeth shift) lies with the patient, unless of course you contacted them but were not offered instructions or a timely appointment.

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