Generally speaking, the procedure (the dentist's "chair time") for placing either type of crown (PFM or zirconia) would be fairly identical. So, the main difference between the two (in terms of your dentist's costs) would be the fee charged by the dental laboratory that fabricates the crown.

We Googled "lab fee zirconia crown" and found a company website that stated that their lab fee for a PFM crown was around $145. Their fee for a porcelain-fused-to-zirconia crown was about $225. However the cost of a full-contour (monolithic) zirconia crown (a crown ground out of a single block of ceramic by a CAD-CAM milling machine) was about $165.

So it does matter what type of zirconia crown is being placed. But beyond that, we've got nothing to say about the added cost.

As a second scenario, your case might involve the situation where your dentist plans to place the zirconia crown in just one office visit (making the crown using CAD-CAM equipment in their own office) (pfm crowns are never placed in a single day, it takes time to have a dental lab make them). With this scenario, one would assume that the extra cost is a premium being charged for this same-day service.

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