Crown estimates

I am trying to help a woman who is totally disabled due to mental illness. She needs 5 crowns due to long-term neglect. She is on Medicare and Medicaid and has been told neither will cover the costs. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The estimate is as follows:
Tooth 9 Porcelain/ceramic substrate $1,361
Tooth 8, same as for #9 plus $303 for core build-up
Tooth 15 Prefab stainless steel $185.69 plus $303 for core build-up
Tooth 18 same as #15
Tooth 23 Porcelain fused noble metal $1,169 plus $303 for core build-up

This estimate appears reasonable to me but want to confirm and want to confirm we should not expect Medicare or Medicaid to pay any of the cost.

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