Dentist lab made mistake on color, but tells me I am stuck

I had the 6 front teeth crowned and my dentist ordered a color I had used before (M2) on other crowns. When he put them in, it seemed strange he didn't have me look at them but acted like he had to get on to the next patient. When I got to my car and saw the color, it looked much more dull/yellow compared to my orginal teeth. But he said that is the same color ordered in the past for other crowns further back in my mouth. I never liked them and I know my own teeth, and they were whiter. A year goes by and he suggest I get the 4 front lower teeth crowned, again ordering the same color (M2). When I went to have them put in I said "wait just one minuet, these new ones are the right color which just proves the lab made a mistake on the color of the upper teeth. He had the lab person come into an appointment the next week to check the color and he said he would need to make the new lower teeth another shade darker to match the top crowns... 10 days later I went in and he placed the darker shade teeth in to match my upper teeth. But before doing so, he for the first time EVER, made me sign that I am accepting the teeth once cemented in (or put back on the temporary's he put in 5 weeks prior and I could go somewhere else. So under pressure of needing to get something permanent in, I signed it telling them I totally don't agree with this and they look terrible. Shouldn't he be responsible for the mistake the lab made on my upper teeth and replace the 6 upper and 4 lower front teeth with the whiter shade? He was always a good dentist, but after this experience I need to shop around for someone with a better moral standard. Would it be any good to try and sue him in small claims court on two separate cases - 1 case for the upper teeth and 1 case for the lower teeth - allowing me to sue for $10,000 each case?

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