We're assuming you've seen this fepvip policy document

However, we wouldn't know for certain if this information is applicable to your situation.
In determining if a crown will be covered by a dental plan, there can be so many issues at hand that by far the best approach is that once your tooth's need for a procedure has been determined by your dentist, that you let their office submit a pre-certification/ pre-determination of benefits. That way you'll have a firm response from the insurance company. (The linked document above suggests that this should be done.)
In our brief review of the document linked above, we noticed:
"D2740 Crown - porcelain/ceramic substrate - Limited to 1 per tooth every 60 months ", implying to us that all-ceramic crowns are a covered procedure (we didn't notice any restrictions about on which kinds of teeth), although replacements are limited to every 5 years.
In case you don't already know, a monolithic construction zirconia crown would typically be considered the strongest type of all-creamic crown (and therefore possibly better suited for applications like molars).

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