I had a crown placed on my left first upper incisor when I was a kid and chipped a tooth. It's a stainless steel shell that was placed on the tooth after ( I suppose ) it was shaved down, but I don't remember the precise procedure.

I'm 64. I had this done when I was in grammar school.

It's still there still doing fine. I don't give a crap how it looks it bites and it's been durable.

My former ( retired ) dentist didn't seem to think this type of prosthesis was still avaiable or that it would be desirable if it were. Personally I think it's the best thing anyone ever did for one of my teeth. I don't know if they're still availble or not but I intend to see and the piece-of-crap composite restorations which have been put on the other upper first incisor have been damaged from normal/natural chewing accidents ( one tooth overlapping the other improperly while biting or chewing and a piece being split off ) and more recently I ate some tough meat for the first time in the year since the most recent composite restoration was placed and ever since the incising surface has been crumbling away.

I want another of those can-caps put on that one to match the other one. I don't want a $1,500 crown. I don' t want a $2,000 implant. I want what I know works good, requires only one visit and is cheap. I've been "bent over" enough in my life now and, frankly, I'm sick and tired of it. Do procedures that are affordable and work well.

Can't we stick with crude-but-effective? I've had that can-cap on my tooth for like 55 years now. I've had people try to knock my teeth down my throat with their knuckles. I've had motorcycle and bicycle accidents that would probably have made most people soil their tidy-whities. It's still there biting apples and yes, somewhat overcooked piece of perch.

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