With several issues in dentistry, we totally agree with you. We're so disheartened to see more serviceable solutions cast to the wayside simply because they're not tooth-colored, or what's currently being pushed by dental manufacturers and their marketing budgets.

In the case of stainless steel crowns, we're more in line with your retired dentist's opinion (that this type of crown might not ... "be desirable if it were").

There are a number of issues associated with the placement of preformed crowns on permanent teeth of adults. (That link explains.)

Generally those reasons make that choice less than ideal. Possibly your case is the exception. Hopefully you and your current dentist can work an acceptable solution out.

As far as availability ... We Googled around and saw where finding them for back teeth is still possible. We weren't entirely sure we did notice anyone still manufacturing them for adult/permanent front teeth.

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