It's certainly disappointing to hear that your crown didn't just pass uneventfully.

Here's an article that contains a flow chart showing the different solutions that may be needed with swallowed dental objects.

As far as what to do and when, you'll simply need to defer to the judgment of the doctors familiar with your case. Only they can decide.

As for the crown itself, if it simply came off your tooth and was swallowed, there would be every expectation that it would remain undamaged from this episode and could be used again.

However, if the tooth shifts position because it doesn't have a crown on it, that event might make the crown unusable. (That's why this page mentions having a temporary crown placed.)

Or if the crown came off related to some type of tooth-to-crown issue (complications with tooth decay, the tooth broke, etc...) even though the crown is undamaged, it may not be suitable for use with your tooth any more. (After examining your tooth, your dentist should have a pretty fair idea of what transpired.)

Good luck. Hopefully this will be over for you soon and remedied easily

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