I had swallowed my crown on overnight sleep Saturday-Sunday...

(Yes believe me, it really does happen! At first i was skeptical with what my wife was saying, as i believed my GAG REFLEX would be able to stop it. But...)

Couldn't find it anywhere the whole Sunday. Then Monday morning comes and i used the toilet. At first, i gave up and even was talking to my wife about it the whole morning, that i should just flush it out since i feel disgusting trying to dig in my poop for A CROWN...

(And believe me whem i say this, IT AIN'T MY FIRST TIME. The first time was that i didn't find my crown after digging in my poop or my vomit.)

But then, i decided why not give it a try. So i started digging in. And guess what i found? That's right! My very own crown. So, now i AM currently in the process of cleaning it and tryinna dissinfect it with whatever ----- ("is" - edit Admin) necessary.

In conclussion, don't lose hope. Check every time you move bowels and dig in there like you're trying to look for gold. It is there.


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