My "crown recovery" adventure.......

So Here's my "crown recovery" adventure.......
I swallowed my tiny crown off a front tooth Dec 14 2019 - OUCH!!!
Now what? I searched the net for some direction - nope upchucking didn't work - all I did was gag alot, - I had to become the "poop patrol inspector" or as some called it the "sh*t picker" lots of ideas out there.
After reading many of the suggestions I decided to try it my way. I ate a little corn every other day to create a maker as it mostly stays whole to the exit. I have a portable sits bath ($12.00 at walmart) The sitz bath fits great - lift the toilet lid n seat and place the zitz right on the toilet rim. Try to pee separate from pooping in the zitz bath.
I put toilet tissue on the bottom of the sitz, pooped every day and covered w/ a little more toilet tissue - I let it stay for at least an hr. during which time much of the moisture in the poop was absorbed into the tissues. I wore rubber gloves all the time. I placed the poop in a clear plastic bag and pressed gently to flatten it and search for my crown. It worked great with no mess. Keeping in mind that this crown was very small (smaller than a small corn kernel) Checked every poop elimination. It took 21 days till Jan 3 2020 to FINALLY it appeared in my "poop search"
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh almost $500. saved by having the crown in hand.
I cleaned it well, used a small tooth brush and mild bleach n water to scrub n clean, rinsed well and sprayed with alcohol (we always did when I worked in a dentist office) Let it dry, sprayed a little more and placed back on the post with a drop of temp crown adhesive... then made a dentist appointment to have put in properly. In the end, ALL tuned out OK.
NOTE: I always sleep on my left side. After about 18 days of no luck I thought maybe I better sleep on my right side, just in case it got stuck somewhere. I do feel that it was the start of my crown heading out of poop shoot. I would suggest right from the start alternate sides that u sleep on, have patience n allow several weeks for the elimination, especially if it's a tiny item. ALSO keep a sense of humor about it - don't let others opinions get in the way of your search n recovery.
BTW remember keeping poop separate from pee led to no or very little odor to deal with... GOOD n SPEEDY LUCK whenever u have to to be a "poop patroler" - a pet pooper scooper might be helpful too.

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