Without commenting on the treatment plan itself, it's easy enough to state that for front teeth (teeth that need to be white in color), the strongest/most durable types of crowns would generally be:

1) Porcelain fused to metal (PFM).

2) All-ceramic crown, monolithic construction, high-strength ceramic (like zirconia).

PFM crowns offer the longest track record in documenting their being able to provide good service. But lower front teeth are typically tiny in size, which poses challenges for the dentist when attempting to create the most lifelike appearance (due to their multi-material, multi-layered construction).

Monolithic zirconia crowns are touted as being very strong, but don't have the long track history like PFM crowns do to prove it. Their all-ceramic construction offers some advantages in achieving a good aesthetic result, although the monolithic construction method offers some disadvantages.

The links above discuss the associated issues for each of these respective types of crowns. Upon asking, your dentist should be able to explain how they will apply in your case.

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