We're not going to be able to answer that question for you. But hopefully we can give you some suggestions as to issues to consider.

Extraction is a surgical procedure where as crown placement is not. Are there any medical reasons why an extraction would want to be avoided if possible?

You don't mention how many teeth your father has (many or just a very few), and how vital the one in question is to his eating ability. Or if it serves some important function such as anchoring a partial denture. Not being able to maintain a proper diet without the tooth could conceivably be an issue.

With your mention of your father's condition, assuming the tooth was extracted and then found sorely missed, one would guess he would have limited ability to learn how to use a new appliance (such as the case where a partial denture might be made to replace it).

It's your father's dentist's professional obligation to explain all aspects of his case to whomever is designated as his caretaker, so you should ask them for a more thorough explanation. Once you have all of the details, and have had all possible options explained, the decision may be easier to make.

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