As the Invisalign system has advanced over the years so to be able to treat more and more complex cases, the use of attachments seems to have become more common too. The attachments give the aligners more control and precision in making tooth movements, and with some cases (especially more difficult ones) this aids with the case. That means however that the "invisible" aspect of having Invisalign treatment is now lost for some.

If the color of the attachments plays a significant role in why they are so obvious, then possibly your dentist can replace them using a shade of dental composite that matches better.

The only other solution is to insist that they are taken off. Cases can often be treated without using them but usually less quickly and/or predictably.

If your series of aligners have already been fabricated (which they no doubt have) there will probably be a charge for replaning your case and having the new series of aligners made.

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