Hi. How are you? (pause) Well, goid, I hope, if not better.
I am not good at all...
I am not eating anymore bc its gotten to the point that when I bite into anything soft it hurts down to the nerve bc the enamal is worn off. I have no back teeth upper or lower, I only have my own lower teeth in front and my own upper front teeth have been drilled to nubs so a fake set of 4 teeth covers them, but thats been badly chipped.
Even a soft banana hurts severely to bite into.
I havent smiled in I dont know how long and I cant eat anything any more. I am at a loss and dont know what to do.
I have Medi-cal but, every dental place I hace gone to (at least 20 different places in the past 5 years) say they refuse to pull my teeth bc they say my 4 front lower teeth r perfectly fine, but they hurt me severely when I bite into anything even soft!
Actually, 1 dentist did say he would pull my teeth and give me dentures, but yet he also advised me not to bc he said that my jawbone is too small and fragile, like a childs.
I want to eat again, I want to smile again, but I cant unless I get some help.
PLEASE, PLEASE...please help me.

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