Biologically front teeth are intended for biting through and incising food, not chewing it. So your not having back teeth places these teeth under stress and exposed to wear much more so than nature intended. It seems likely that that alone is a big factor working against your case.


The way you describe things, we're under the impression that you have had dental crowns placed on your upper teeth.

The porcelain surface of crowns sometimes place opposing teeth at greater risk for wear. Possibly that is an added complication with your case.


Conceivably crowns might be placed over your lower teeth to protect them from thermal sensitivity (hot and cold sensitivity due to worn enamel).

In regard to the sensitivity, you don't specifically mention that it occurs in response to hot and cold. If what you are experiencing is different than previously investigated by dentists, possibly the nerve is degenerating in one or more teeth. Timely further evaluation would be needed to determine this.


Beyond those comments, as a webite there's essentially nothing we can contribute about your situation that would have more validity that the opinion of the 20 dentists who have actually examined your mouth. You'll simply need to return to one of them for further evaluation and care.

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