We've seen an array of Oral-b and Sonicare models on display at Target, Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond. The models don't actually work but you can pick them up and hold them, and possibly get an idea of how easy they might be to use their respective buttons.

Not all retailers seem to have all models out, so you might have to go to two or more stores to see all of the different ones you're interested in.

Usually a brush's most efficient brushing mode is it's default one (which means only a minimal amount of button pushing to get to it).

If you knew that instead you wanted to brush at a lower-power setting (some Seniors feel more comfortable using a "sensitive" type setting), lesser models (cheaper) sometimes are less powerful and therefore their default mode might be the one you're after (once again, only needing a limited number of button pushes to get there).

Our Sonicare and Oral-b pages discuss this power issue more fully.

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