Your procedure would probably be best described as either a surgical extraction or else the removal of an impacted tooth (akin to removing an impacted wisdom tooth).

Either way, short of any complicating factors [like an active infection (swelling/pain would be an indication) or acutely inflammed pulp (spontaneous pain could be an indication) (see "hot" teeth section above)] there's no reason to expect that the local anesthetic your dentist uses to numb up your tooth won't be effective, as it would be for any other tooth (the tooth's position doesn't affect which/what surrounding nerves connect with it).

Your procedure might be expected to be more involved than a routine extraction (longer duration, greater surgical difficulty). If so, you and your dentist might consider the use of some method of conscious sedation to help you tolerate your surgery better. But its use has to do with patient management only and not pain control.

Good luck, expect the best.

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