Tooth Extraction

I just got a tooth pulled a few hours ago. They rubbed a gel around the tooth and gums . The Dentist walked in to give me injections to numb the area. He gave me two injections never felt them go in. They left the room for a few minutes while the meds took affect. When they came back he tested the area to make sure it was indeed numb. I felt when he poked the gum so they injected me one more time. After a few minutes he came back extracted the tooth .
Through out the procedure, I was asked several times if I was ok and to raise my left hand if I felt any pain. I asked what was injected forgot the name but it was the best stuff acts quickly and lasts for hours. I have severe anxiety and not once did I feel any pain from start to finish. I was however told to breathe after it was over. Best experience I ever had with a dentist

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