We're sure you'll do fine and after it's all over hopefully pleasantly surprised about how easy it was.
As this page discusses at length, your dentist will do those normal and usual things that should make your extraction painless. They'll then test and quiz you (before your extraction is started) to confirm that what they've done has been successful.
Only you can provide the needed feedback. If all is well, then let them know. If anything is amiss, let them know so they can remedy it.
The same goes for during your procedure. Have a way you can signal if anything isn't right so it can be remedied immediately.
Your dentist has a number of different things they can do to manage a patient's concerns and discomfort. But each step builds on what's been learned about the effects of the previous ones. In part, they need to know what hasn't worked so they can make the needed adjustments or change tactics so they can be successful in their next step.
Once again, good luck.

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