We're not really going to be able to shed much light on your situation.

In passing, we will point out that you don't actually use the word pain in describing what you felt. You also mention that anxiety control was the issue that kept your procedure from being completed.

Possibly mitigating your anxiety issue is something you should discuss with your dentist if trying again.

In regard to the need for an antibiotic ... the signs of infection that show up on x-rays take time to develop, so that may not be a conclusive test. At the same time, a lack of obvious signs doesn't necessarily mean that an infection doesn't exist either.

It must be that your dentist presumes an infection is present. And by placing you on antibiotics for several days and bringing the infection somewhat under control that the effect of the anesthetic during your next try will be more profound (due to a less acidic environment in the tissues due to infection).

We wish you the best with your procedure.

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