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Your page states: "The Pro 3000 has an on/off switch that doubles as its mode selector. The higher-end Oral-B's have a separate button for this. We don't see how that's a great advantage."

Actually, having a separate on/off button rather than having to cycle through a mode button to turn it off would be awesome. I use a foaming toothpaste for sensitive teeth and have to stop brushing a few times before finishing to spit out the foaming toothpaste.

My current oral b toothbrush is one of those that you have to hit the button to turn the brush off, then hit the button twice to get back to the higher brushing mode. I do this several times every morning while brushing, otherwise I get toothpaste all over the place. I can’t just momentarily take the toothbrush out of my mouth to spit out excess saliva/foam because the toothbrush will still be spinning and it gets messy. Just a quick off and then on again would be nice.

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