Costco Professional Care 2000

A telephone call to Oral B customer service re:the two modes on the Costco Pro Care 2000 yields the following response: the Costco Professional Care 2000 has Daily Care Mode with 8800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations. The "sensitive mode" utilizes 6500 oscillations and 30,000 pulsations.

In comparison, the sensitive mode of the Costco Pro Care 2000 should logically be better than the Oral B 1000 and the Daily Care Mode (8800 oscillations/40,000 pulsations) should equate to the Oral B 3000 Daily Care mode. I conclude that in the Daily Care Mode, the Costco 2000 model should be equivalent in cleaning efficiency to the Oral B 3000 that you so logically recommend. Any confirmatory data or comments?

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