Oral B Oscillation Improvements

I loved your guide for which brush to choose, and I ended up choosing the Pro 3000. I went back to the shop looking for a replacement recently to buy a new one because mine was beginning to get old, and I noticed that on specifically the Oral B Black 7000 and all the models above it had an improved oscillation and pulsation speed, which essentially means a better clean. I believe it was an extra 8000 oscillations on the previous models (which was 40000 I believe). Do you think it is worth it to go for the better model just for the improved clean, even if the price would be almost double that of the Pro 3000? I would go for it, but the price of the 7000 model is a bit high. I'm honestly not too fussed about all the extra carrying cases and other bells and whistles which those models come with, I just want the cleaning. Any suggestions? Stick with the 3000, or fork out for the better cleaning 7000?

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