Improving the alignment of teeth, and replacing missing ones, by placing crowns and bridges.

This digital smile makeover provides an example of how routine (although admittedly, fairly extensive) dental treatment could radically improve the appearance of a person's smile.

Some combination of dental crowns and porcelain veneers could be used to straighten the alignment of the teeth. Bridges could be placed to replace the missing back ones.

Case issues and concerns:

It's obvious that the overall alignment of this person's teeth is less than ideal, both top and bottom.

There are a number of missing back upper and lower teeth.

In the plus column ...

The color of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth suggests it is relatively healthy.

None of the teeth show an obvious need for attention or repair.

A smile with misaligned and missing teeth.
Smile after placement of dental crowns and bridges.

Photo submitted by website visitor.

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Treatment Solutions:

1) Place crowns on the front teeth and lower right eye tooth. -

In our "after" picture we've illustrated how the alignment of this person's teeth could be improved by placing dental crowns.

As with the case above, it might be possible to make these same changes by placing veneers instead. A decision regarding which approach would be best would need to be made by the dentist performing the treatment.

The limitations of this approach. -

Dental crowns can be a very effective way to change the apparent alignment of teeth. One difficulty with this approach, however, is that although a dentist can make changes with the portion of the tooth that lies above the gum line, the root portion of the tooth still remains in the same location.

For example, in our "after" picture notice how the center two upper teeth still seem to be too close together. This is because the roots of these teeth still remain crowded.

Tooth root positioning can only be changed via the use of some type of orthodontic treatment. With this case (as part of an 'ideal' treatment plan), braces might be used to improve the general alignment of the teeth before crowns or veneers are placed.

2) Replacing the missing back teeth. -

After we had completed illustrating the placement of dental crowns, this smile still showed an unpleasant asymmetry due to the fact that there were still back teeth missing. Once we simulated their replacement, her smile took on a much more even and pleasing look.

While it is impossible to tell from just a picture which dental techniques might be best for replacing the back teeth, removable partial dentures, dental bridgework, or dental implants might each be considered.

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