Restoring youthfulness to an aged smile with dental crowns.

When people age, their teeth often begin to show signs of wear. And if enough takes place, their smile will start to lose some of its "youthfulness."

This page's digital smile makeover illustrates how dental crowns can be used to rejuvenate the appearance of an older, aged smile.

Case issues and concerns:

This gentleman's teeth give evidence of his age (he is in his late 70's).

His two center teeth have worn significantly.

The teeth flanking them have a little bit too.

As a result of this wear, his eyeteeth (cuspids) now seem elongated, even somewhat fang-like.

It's commonplace that as a person ages their teeth will darken. That seems to be the case here.

This "before" picture also reveals that this person's left central incisor has had some previous repair.

Most likely the corner of this tooth had, at one time, broken off and had been replaced with dental bonding (which has now chipped and stained).

Worn, aged teeth.
After dental crown placement.

Photo submitted by website visitor.

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Treatment solutions:

1) Rebuilding the worn front teeth using crowns.

Our "after" picture illustrates how a dentist could restore some of this smile's "youthfulness" by way of placing dental crowns that return the center teeth closer to the length they were before the tooth wear took place.

The goal here would be to reestablish the comparative lengths of the teeth back closer to what they were, before they wore down but not return them to the length they were originally. That probably would not be possible at this point.

2) Making changes for the eyeteeth.

We've also illustrated how shortening and rounding the eyeteeth just slightly could help to make this smile more pleasing and even in appearance.

There might be a chance that this improvement could be made just by trimming the teeth with the dentist's drill. If not, then crowns would need to be placed for them too.

3) Lightening the teeth.

Our after picture illustrates how routine teeth whitening treatments (either in-office or at-home) should be able to lighten the color of this person's teeth.

Tooth staining that accompanies age is often some of the easiest discoloration to improve. Of course, the goal here wouldn't be to lighten the teeth drastically, that wouldn't look natural.

If this person chooses this option, the whitening treatments would need to be completed before any new dental restorations are made. The idea is that the new crowns would be made to match the new color of this person's teeth.

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