Improving a smile by replacing missing back teeth.

This digital smile makeover provides an example of how replacing missing back teeth can really help to fill out a smile so it looks natural, full and complete.

Case issues and concerns:

Most of this person's cosmetic concerns lie on their upper right side.

In back, there seems to be at least one tooth missing. When this person shows their biggest smile (like they have in the "before" picture), this deficiency becomes quite obvious.

The upper lateral incisor (the second tooth right of center) is positioned in a way where is looks much shorter than its corresponding tooth on the left side.

Other noticeable issues are:

Over all, this person's teeth tend to show a grayish tint (especially toward their biting edges).

This is most notable on the lower center two teeth.

This smile is missing some back teeth.
Replacement teeth have been placed.

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Treatment solutions:

1) Place a crown on the lateral incisor. -

As illustrated in our "after" picture, the shortness of the upper right lateral incisor could be remedied by placing a dental crown (or possibly even just a porcelain veneer).

[ More info: What is the difference between veneers and crowns? ]

2) Place a dental bridge. -

We've also illustrated how a dental bridge could be used to replace the missing back teeth.

From a functional standpoint, replacing these teeth should create a nice improvement. It's also interesting to see how a bridge improves the overall cosmetic appearance of this smile. It not only balances it but gives it a more youthful look too.

3) Other miscellaneous improvements. -

The other changes we've shown for the upper teeth could be made by placing porcelain veneers.

Additionally, this person's lower teeth seem to have a hint of grayness to them. It seems possible that this may just be related to the way the picture looks, as opposed to the way things really are. However, if a change is needed, teeth bleaching treatments could be utilized as a means to improve their color.

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