Improving a smile by replacing missing back teeth.

This digital smile makeover provides an example of how replacing missing back teeth can really help to fill out a smile so it looks natural, full and complete.

Case issues and concerns:

Most of this person's cosmetic concerns lie on their upper right side.

  • In back, there seems to be at least one tooth missing. When this person shows their biggest smile (like they have in the "before" picture), this deficiency becomes quite obvious.
  • The upper lateral incisor (the second tooth right of center) is positioned in a way where is looks much shorter than its corresponding tooth on the left side.

Other noticeable issues are:

  • Over all, this person's teeth tend to show a grayish tint (especially toward their biting edges).
  • This is most notable on the lower center two teeth.
  • This smile is missing some back teeth.
    This smile is missing some back teeth. This smile is missing some back teeth.
  • Replacement teeth have been placed.
    Replacement teeth have been placed. Replacement teeth have been placed.

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Treatment solutions:

1) Place a crown on the lateral incisor. -

As illustrated in our "after" picture, the shortness of the upper right lateral incisor could be remedied by placing a dental crown (or possibly even just a porcelain veneer).

[ More info: What is the difference between veneers and crowns? ]

2) Place a dental bridge. -

We've also illustrated how a dental bridge could be used to replace the missing back teeth.

From a functional standpoint, replacing these teeth should create a nice improvement. It's also interesting to see how a bridge improves the overall cosmetic appearance of this smile. It not only balances it but gives it a more youthful look too.

3) Other miscellaneous improvements. -

The other changes we've shown for the upper teeth could be made by placing porcelain veneers.

Additionally, this person's lower teeth seem to have a hint of grayness to them. It seems possible that this may just be related to the way the picture looks, as opposed to the way things really are. However, if a change is needed, teeth bleaching treatments could be utilized as a means to improve their color.

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