Closing in a tooth gap using dental bonding.

There are several different ways a dentist can close the space between two teeth. One of them involves the use of dental bonding.

This digital smile makeover shows an example of the type of results that can be achieved using this technique. Its main advantages are that it's a comparative inexpensive and quick solution.

Case issues and concerns:

This person's primary cosmetic concern is the gap located between their two center teeth. Dentists refer to this type of space as a "diastema."

As a point of information, while a person may not like the way theirs looks, from a dental-health standpoint this type of gap doesn't cause any harm. It's strictly a cosmetic issue.

Beyond the gap, this person's upper incisors also display some minor alignment and shape irregularities.

If this person was so inclined, the color of their teeth could be lightened.

A smile with a gap between its center teeth.
The tooth gap has been closed.

Photo submitted by website visitor.

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Treatment solutions:

1) Placing tooth bonding. -

This person's gap could be closed, in just a single visit, by placing dental bonding.

And just like with the example above, bonding could also be added to the neighboring teeth so to give his entire smile a more even appearance. (At much greater expense, placing porcelain veneers could create a similar end result too.)

2) Another approach. -

As an alternative plan, orthodontic treatment could be used to realign the upper teeth and close the gap.

Although we only have a picture to examine, it seems that the misalignment is relatively minor in nature and therefore might be corrected with a less-involved, simpler orthodontic technique such as Invisalign Express ® (or some other type of removable appliance).

After the orthodontic treatment has been completed, the four center teeth could be reshaped and evened out by buffing them with a dental drill. Or these same types of changes might be made by adding small amounts of tooth bonding.

3) Teeth whitening treatments. -

If this person wanted to lighten the color of their teeth, teeth whitening treatments could be performed. If so, this treatment would need to be completed before any type of dental restorations are placed.

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Input from site visitors.

Gap between front teeth

I had my top teeth partially done a few years back. when they were finished the nurse took dental floss and went between my 2 front teeth making a small gap. I complained to no avail. The gag has gotten larger and I would like to get it bonded to fill the gap. It is not drastic or anything. Can you give me any idea of how much it would cost me. I do not have any dental insurance. Thanks.


"Closing" a gap usually involves placing bonding on the teeth on both sides of the space. So that means the cost of fixing two teeth (placing two restorations) is usually involved.

In a very technical sense, a dentist could classify that work as any number of tooth surfaces (fillings are usually charged according to how many surfaces they involve). However one would hope that if it was just simple work that took little time that the dentist would just charge it out as possibly just one surface fillings.

Here's a table listing fees for bonded (white) restorations, acording to tooth surfaces.

Your best plan by far (and the best chance of being quoted the lowest fee possible) would be to ask about the cost during a dental cleaning/exam and then returning to have the work done.

The bigger question is why the space has enlarged. Bonding characteristically will wear down (like when placed on a tooth's biting edge) but between teeth usually isn't a location that does.

That would imply that possibly your teeth have shifted some. This could be a normal life event (although it could be kept in check by wearing a retainer). At the other extreme, it could indicate a dental problem, such as teeth that have extensive gum disease.

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