Using porcelain veneers to give a smile a more even appearance and a lighter color.

This digital smile makeover involves the placement of a number of porcelain veneers across a patient's upper teeth so to give them a more regular and even appearance.

This same treatment could play a role in lightening the color of this person's teeth too, if they so desired.

Case issues and concerns:

When this person submitted their picture, they had noting in particular on their mind. They were simply interested in seeing what type of improvement we could illustrate for their smile.

We noticed the following issues.

Both upper lateral incisors are slightly retruded.

And their misalignment makes both upper eyeteeth appear too prominent.

The overall color of this person's teeth is somewhat dark.

These teeth are somewhat crooked and too dark.
After teeth whitening and porcelain veneer placement.

Photo submitted by website visitor.

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Treatment solutions:

1) Placing veneers. -

Our "after" picture shows how things might be changed by placing porcelain veneers on her six center upper teeth. Porcelain veneers are one way to give a smile the illusion of a more perfect alignment.

Her lower teeth are more crowded than her upper ones. And because of this, it would be harder to make a (dentally appropriate) change for these teeth by way of placing porcelain veneers.

2) Another approach. -

Since the general contours of her teeth (as shown in the "before" picture) seem to be reasonably attractive, an alternate approach could be to utilize orthodontic treatment (braces) as a means of idealizing the alignment of her teeth (instead of placing porcelain veneers). If so, the lower teeth could be treated at the same time, thus resolving that issue.

3) Teeth whitening. -

We did illustrate a color change for this person's teeth in our "after" picture. One that might be achieved by either at-home or professional teeth bleaching treatments.

This process could be performed either before or after the orthodontic treatment. In the case that porcelain veneers (or crowns) will be placed, the whitening treatments should be completed some weeks before the veneering process is started.

Whitening treatments are not always predictable. And if a satisfactory color change cannot be made using them, placing porcelain veneers may be the only way to create an improvement for this smile.

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