Transforming a smile using orthodontic treatment.

It's not all that often that we offer to create digital makeovers for cases that seem best suited for full orthodontic treatment. But we appreciated receiving a decent picture (in focus, reasonably sized), so we made an exception.

Actually, we already have another case in our makeover database that shares some similar characteristics with this one (at least with the upper teeth). But by far, we consider that approach far less ideal than what's discussed on this page.

Case history and concerns:

Tooth crowding.

When looking at this "before" photo, it's easy to see how the size of this person's jaws are simply too small to accommodate the size and number of teeth. The result is the severe crowding you see.

Other issues.

And while it's just an impression taken from a photo, its seems that this person's mouth is otherwise in reasonably good shape.

While there is some isolated tooth staining, the color of the teeth is pleasant.

There's no obvious sign of tooth decay, gum disease or heavy plaque or tartar accumulation.

Each of these factors lends itself toward making orthodontic treatment an excellent choice.

A smile requiring orthodontic treatment.
After dental braces.

Photo submitted by website visitor.

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Treatment solutions:

With a case like this, the bad and good news about treatment are the same: Dental braces of some sort are needed.

The disadvantages.

What's bad about this approach is the relatively long treatment time that will be needed (as compared to the relatively "instant" results possible when making cosmetic changes by way of placing dental restorations).

The advantages.

What's good is that once the orthodontic work has been completed, all that's needed is periodic retainer wear.

In comparison, when changes are made with restorations, the person can anticipate that there will be other points, through out their life (depending on their current age), when their perfect look can only be maintained by restoration replacement.

We simply did our best.

Of course, our "after" picture is just a simulation of the type of changes that full orthodontic treatment might make.

It's easy enough for us to accurately illustrate the type of changes placing a dental restoration on one or a few teeth might make. But trying to precisely portray the changes accomplished by complete orthodontic treatment, where every tooth is repositioned, is far beyond the scope of a digital makeover.

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how much was it ??

Just to point out, this is a

Just to point out, this is a digital makeover. We've edited the picture this person submitted to simulate having braces.

As a general figure, you could expect that orthodontic treatment for this case would run on the order of $5000 or more (traditional metal braces) and take about 2 years.

This page discusses fees for different types of orthodontic treatment.