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Sonicare electric toothbrushes.
= On our Best Sonicares list.
  DiamondClean -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart DiamondClean search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon DiamondClean search.
  FlexCare Platinum -
(Some of these listings are non-connected models.)
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart Flexcare Platinum search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon Flexcare Platinum search.
  FlexCare+ -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart Flexcare+ search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon Flexcare+ search.
  HealthyWhite+ -
Walmart | Walmart HealthyWhite+ search.
Amazon | Amazon HealthyWhite+ search.
  3 Series -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart 3 Series search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon 3 Series search.
  2 Series -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart2 Series search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon2 Series search.
  For Kids -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart For Kids search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon For Kids search.
  Essence+ -
Walmart | Walmart Essence+ search.
Amazon | Amazon Essence+ search.
  Essence -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart Essence search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon Essence search.

Sonicare brush heads.
  DiamondClean brush head -
Walmart | Amazon | Generics on Amazon
  SimplyClean brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  InterCare brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  Adaptive Clean brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  Gum Health brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  Sensitive brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  For Kids brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  Sonicare Tongue Brush -
Walmart | Amazon
  e-Series brush head -
Walmart | Amazon | Generics on Amazon
  Generic Sonicare snap-on replacement brush heads -

Oral-b electric toothbrushes.
= On our Best Oral-b's list.
  Oral-B Genius 8000 with Bluetooth Connectivity -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart Oral-b 8000search.
Amazon | Amazon Oral&-b 8000 search.
  Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth and SmartGuide -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart Oral-b 7000 search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon Oral-b 7000 search.
  Oral-B Pro 6000 with Bluetooth Connectivity -
Walmart | Walmart Oral-b 6000 search.
Amazon | Amazon Oral-b 6000 search.
  Oral-B 5000 with Bluetooth -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart Oral-b 5000 search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon Oral-b 5000 search.
  Oral-B 3000 with Bluetooth -
Walmart | Walmart Oral-b 3000 search.
Amazon | Amazon Oral-b 3000 search.
  Oral-B 1000 -
Walmart (1) | Walmart (2) | Walmart Oral-b 1000 search.
Amazon (1) | Amazon (2) | Amazon Oral-b 1000 search.
  Oral-B 500 -
Walmart | Walmart Oral-b 500 search.
Amazon | Amazon Oral-b 500 search.
  Oral-B Vitality -
Walmart | Walmart Oral-b Vitality search.
Amazon | Amazon Oral-b Vitality search.

Oral-b brush heads  on
  Floss Action brush head -
Walmart | Amazon | Generics on Amazon
  Precision Clean brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  Sensitive brush head -
Walmart | Amazon
  Deep Sweep brush head -
Walmart | Amazon | Generics on Amazon
  Dual Clean brush head -
Walmart | Amazon | Generics on Amazon


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    • The best Sonicare models - A narrative that outlines how to determine which Sonicare model makes the best choice for you. It discusses Sonicare features, which of these features we think are important to have, and which models seem to offer a reasonable manifestation of them.
    • How sonic toothbrushes work. / Effectiveness. - If you're wondering how sonic toothbrushes work and what's special about the brushing action they create, this page explains.
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    • Brush Heads - Information about Sonicare brush heads, including: What styles of heads are available, in which sizes? Which heads can be used with which models? Comparative cleaning efficiency. How long does a brush head last? Screw-on vs. Click-on design. Standard vs. Compact sizes.
    • Sonicare brushing features - An outline of the various brushing modes different Sonicare models have, and what we think of each of them. It explains the importance of having the 31,000 strokes-per-minute brushing action.
      We also explain details about the Easy-start, Smartimer, KidTimer, QuadPacer, BrushPacer and Smartphone App functions (how they work, what we think of them).
    • Additional Sonicare features - We discuss Sonicare's UV brush head sanitizer in this section. We also explain features and issues associated with Sonicare battery types, charging units, working voltages, battery replacement and travel features.
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  • Oral-b Features Pages -
    • Brush heads - Details about Oral-B replacement brush heads: styles, options, differences. Which are the best ones?
    • Brushing modes - An explanation of the different Oral-B brushing modes found on various models. The importance of 3D vs. 2D brushing action.
    • Additional Oral-b features - Information about the Oral-b Bluetooth/Smartphone app and the wireless Smartguide, as well as what we think of them. Also details about Oral-b brushing timers, quadrant timers and brushing pressure indicators, as well as charging units, operating voltages and battery types.
  • More about electric toothbrushes Pages -
    • Powered vs. Manual toothbrushes - Do you really need an electric toothbrush? This page can help you to decide. Advantages and potential benefits of electrics. What does research say?
    • Rotary electric toothbrushes - Types and brands of rotary-brush head powered toothbrushes (Rota-dent, Interplak, Braun Oral B). Pros and cons of their design differences.
    • The best electric toothbrushes for Senior Citizens. - Elder persons in different age groups, with differing situations, need different features. This page discusses the pros and cons of various models in meeting those needs.
  • Page reference sources.


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