Issues answered about tooth extractions ...

How extraction pain levels correlate with anxiety levels - Solutions.
Why it's normal to feel pressure during an extraction.
Removing surrounding bone as part of the extraction process.
What will you feel during your extraction?
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The key to not having an extraction that hurts.
Can you have a tooth pulled when you're pregnant?
Is taking pre-op antibiotics needed to prevent post-extraction infection?
Classifications: Simple vs. Surgical extractions.
What does it take to pull a tooth?
The simple, effective way to control post-extraction bleeding.
How long does a tooth extraction take?
Your tooth is out. Now what happens?
How painful is having a tooth pulled?
What if your tooth breaks during the extraction process?
Who gets your extracted tooth's (gold) dental restoration?
What's a "surgical" tooth extraction?
When is antibiotic "premedication" needed before an extraction?
Home remedy treatments for dry sockets.
How a dentist checks for numbness before pulling a tooth.
What is tooth sectioning? - Indications.
How badly do tooth extractions hurt? - Statistics from research.
Is an x-ray really need for every extraction (even the easy ones)?
Post-extraction bone bits & tooth fragments - What's going on?
Post-extraction surgical swelling - What to expect.