How to cite a reference to content found on

The content found on the pages of (both textual and visual) have been created by employees of WMDS, Inc. (the owner of the website) and therefore are considered to be "works made for hire."

The statue governing this aspect of copyright law dictates that in the case of works made for hire the employer for whom the work has been prepared (WMDS, Inc. in this case) is considered to be the author.

When citing a reference to content found on we would suggest the following form:

Basic Form
WMDS, Inc. (Date). Page name. Retrieved [date] from [URL]

The above date can be difficult to find on some topics. Our newer-format pages show it on the references-used page, so if you see a reference mentioned, click that link. With older-style topics, it's often on the last, or near to last, page.

WMDS, Inc. (2001, July). What is tooth decay? Retrieved July 10, 2001 from