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Infographic: How to pick out the best kind of toothpaste.
Infographic: Water Fluoridation in the USA.
Infographic: The state of dental sealants in the United States.
Cost estimates for dental procedures and treatments.
Dental insurance: A review of features to look for in a good dental plan policy.
Dental insurance and dental plans: What types of programs are available?
How to locate assistance programs designed to aid people who don't have dental insurance coverage.
Dental insurance plans: What is a UCR fee? ("Usual, customary and reasonable" fee.)
Paying for dental care: Paying out-of-pocket for dental treatment can offer advantages, possibly even a cash discount.
Dental Insurance Plans: Wait periods, pre-existing conditions, excluded procedures.
Dental Insurance Plans: What are Preventive, Basic and Major dental services?
What are baby teeth? (Also known as deciduous, primary or milk teeth.)
How loosing baby teeth can cause permanent teeth to be crooked.
Mesiodens - Diagnosis, complications, treatment.
Dental Crowns: What is the best type of dental cap? - 6 things to consider when having a crown made.
What are dental crowns (tooth caps, gold crowns, porcelain crowns)? Why do teeth need dental crowns?
How do dental crowns strengthen teeth? When are crowns for teeth a better choice than dental fillings?
Repairing broken teeth with dental crowns: How can a dental crown be used to repair or protect a cracked tooth?
The dental crown procedure: What steps are involved when a crown is made for a tooth?
Permanent and temporary dental crowns: Common problems and complications - sensitivity, pain, looseness.
Porcelain crowns vs. gold dental crowns ("caps"): What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of dental crowns?
How long do dental crowns last? - Porcelain crowns, gold crowns.
Dental crowns: costs & prices for gold and porcelain crowns.
Is a tooth filling a suitable alternative to having a dental crown made?
Dental crown complications: Reasons why root canal treatment might be needed for a crowned tooth.
Sell dental gold: How to sell your scrap dental crowns, bridges and fillings.
What alloys are used to fabricate dental crowns? (All-metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal.)
What to do if your dental crown comes off.
What to do if you swallow your dental crown.
Steps to take so you never need a crown.
One hour crowns. How they're made. Advantages & disadvantages.
What are porcelain veneers and dental crowns? What are the differences between them?
What causes cold sores (fever blisters / oral herpes lesions)?
What triggers cold sores (fever blisters / oral herpes) outbreaks?
How can you tell if a mouth sore is a fever blister? How contagious is oral herpes?
Cold sores: What remedies and treatments exist for getting rid of fever blisters?
Denavir ® (penciclovir) and Zovirax ® (acyclovir) : Prescription medications for the treatment of cold sores (fever blisters / oral herpes).
Treating cold sores and fever blisters with home remedies.
Bad breath: Testing yourself for Halitosis. What causes bad breath?
Bad breath: What causes it? / Risk factors for halitosis.
Bad breath: The most common fundamental cause of halitosis is anaerobic bacteria.
Cures for bad breath: Tips and suggestions for treating halitosis. - Info for patients.
Curing bad breath: Getting rid of halitosis by using a tongue scraper or brush.
Bad breath treatments and cures: Getting rid of halitosis using mouthwashes and mouth rinses.
Halitosis: The classification system dental professionals used to categorize types of bad breath.
Denture Breath: The source of a person's bad breath can be their false teeth.
Canker sores (aphthous ulcers): What are they? What causes these mouth ulcers? Risk factors.
Diagnosing canker sores: What do aphthous ulcers look like? What are their symptoms? Is there a test? Are they contagious? -
Canker sore treatments: Getting rid of aphthous ulcers with OTC medications and cures. - Info for patients.
Canker sore treatments and cures: Home remedies for treating aphthous ulcers. - Info for patients.
Canker sore treatments: Prescription medications used in the management of aphthous ulcers.
Distinguishing canker sores from cold sores.
Cosmetic Dentistry: Smile makeover before-and-after pictures illustrating how a dentist can transform a smile.
'Cosmetic Dentistry on a Shoe-string Budget' smile makeover simulations. | Submit your own picture.
Repairing the damage caused by tooth grinding with crowns. | Before-and-after smile makeover pictures.
Comparing straightening teeth with crowns or veneers vs braces. | Before-and-after smile makeover pictures.
Gum disease risks associated with crown and veneer placement. | Before-and-after smile makeover pictures.
Digital smile makeovers: Closing tooth gaps with dental crowns. | Before-and-after images.
Using crowns to repair front teeth that have excessive wear. | Before-and-after Digital smile makeovers.
Correcting fluorosis and tetracycline stains with whitening treatments. | Before-and-after smile makeover pictures.
Digital smile makeovers: Different ways dental bonding can be used to improve a smile. | Before-and-after images.
Digital smile makeovers: Closing gaps using porcelain veneers. | Before-and-after images.
Digital smile makeovers: Porcelain veneers vs dental braces. Comparing results- Before-and-after images.
Invisalign ® removable clear braces: What are invisible braces?
Invisible braces: How does the Invisalign ® orthodontic system work?
Invisalign ® dental braces: What do they look like? How long are they worn? Invisalign ® for teens.
Braces costs: Invisalign®, Invisalign Express®, lingual braces (iBraces®), ceramic braces. | Dental insurance coverage.
Invisalign Express ® vs standard Invisalign ® : What is the difference?
Invisalign ® clear braces: What are some of the disadvantages of invisible braces orthodontic treatment?
Invisalign ®: Before-and-after simulations of cases suited to invisible braces orthodontic treatment.
Lingual dental braces: What are lingual braces (iBraces ®)?
Ceramic Braces / Clear braces - What are they?
Comparing the Simpli 5 ®, Red White & Blue ® and RW II ® systems to Invisalign ®.
Dental Braces Types: Clear, Ceramic, Invisible, Lingual and Gold dental braces. Fashion brackets.
Making dental braces unique: Fashion brackets, Gold braces, Color schemes.
Invisalign braces: What are Invisalign "attachments"? Why might they be required during clear braces orthodontic treatment?
Invisalign braces: How invisible are clear braces? Can they be detected when they are worn?
Invisalign braces: What difficulties with talking can clear braces cause?
Invisalign clear braces: Can you wear your invisible braces while drinking beverages (soda, coffee, tea, fruit drinks)?
Invisalign Clear Braces: Is it ok to eat while wearing invisible braces?
Types of orthodontic retainers: Permanent, Essix, Hawley, Vivera.)
Wearing orthodontic retainers: How often, how long?
How long do orthodontic retainers last?
Is Invisalign treatment painful? / Managing the discomfort associated with clear braces treatment.
The Invisalign Cleaning System: Does an alternative cleansing product exist?
Invisalign braces: What is interproximal reduction? Why might tooth stripping be required with clear braces treatment?
Orthodontic retainers: How much do they cost? Replacement retainers.
How to clean orthodontic retainers. | Methods | Frequency
At-home vs. Professional (in-office/laser) teeth whitening: Which method is best?
The in-office teeth whitening procedure: The steps your dentist follows when they whiten your teeth.
Is a bleaching light or laser needed during teeth whitening treatments.
How much do professional (in-office) teeth whitening treatments cost?
What are the side effects of professional teeth whitening treatments? What amount of pain is involved?
Details about in-office teeth whitening systems: Zoom, Britesmile, Beyond, LaserSmile, Opalescence, Lumibrite.
Dry socket (alveolar osteitis) - What are symptoms of dry sockets? What are the treatments?
Dry sockets: What causes dry sockets (alveolar osteitis)? / Risk factors.
Dry sockets (alveolar osteitis): What causes dry sockets? (Continued)
Dry socket treatments: What is the cure for dry sockets (alveolar osteitis)?
Home remedy ideas for treating dry sockets.
About electric toothbrushes / sonic toothbrushes (Sonicare ®, Braun Oral B ®, Interplak ®, Rotat-dent ®) and the importance of removing dental plaque.
Sonicare ® toothbrushes: How do sonic toothbrushes work? Are sonic toothbrushes effective at removing dental plaque?
Conventional rotary electric toothbrushes (Braun Oral B ®, Interplak ®, Rotat-dent ®).
Electric toothbrush reviews: Philips Sonicare Toothbrush evaluations - FlexCare / HealthyWhite / Essence / Xtreme
Electric toothbrush reviews: Which is the best Sonicare toothbrush model?
Sonicare toothbrush reviews: The Sonicare UV Sanitizer (the FlexCare RS930).
Sonicare toothbrush reviews: The Sonicare (31,000 brush strokes per minute) full-power brushing mode.
Sonicare toothbrush reviews: E-series and ProResults brush heads.
What's the best electric toothbrush for seniors?
The members of the Oral-b electric toothbrush line.
The best rechargeable Oral-b toothbrush models.
Oral-b features: Bluetooth/Smartphone App, Wireless Smartguide.
Which are the best Oral-b replacement brush heads?
Oral-b brushing modes. 2D vs. 3D brushing motion.
Taking care of false teeth: Instructions for using denture cleaners, soaks and denture brushes.
Taking care of false teeth: Commercial denture soaking and cleaning products.
Taking care of false teeth: Homemade denture soaks and cleaners.
How much do complete dentures cost?
How long can complete (full) dentures last?
How much do partial dentures cost?
How long can partial dentures last?
Ultraviolet light denture cleaning units.
Ultrasonic denture cleaning units.
How much do dental bridges cost?
What makes a good athletic mouthguard?
Types of sports mouthguards - Custom, boil and bite, and stock.
Sports mouth protectors: Cleaning and care.
Teeth whitening pens / Brush-on tooth whiteners.
Lumineers ® by Cerinate ® : What are Lumineers ® porcelain veneers? A review.
Lumineers ® : "No drilling" Lumineers ® technique may not always be the best choice.
Lumineers ® prices: How much do Lumineers ® porcelain veneers cost? How long will Cerinate ® Lumineers ® last?
Porcelain veneers (dental veneers / porcelain laminates): What are they? How are they made?
How are porcelain veneers, dental veneers, and porcelain laminates made?
How long will porcelain veneers, dental veneers, and porcelain laminates last?
What should you do if your porcelain veneer, dental veneer, or porcelain laminate comes off?
Porcelain veneers, dental veneers, and porcelain laminates - costs, prices, and insurance codes.
Porcelain veneers: Conservative treatment alternatives (teeth whitening / braces / bonding).
Before-and-after picture sets showing applications for porcelain veneers.
Dental activities / dental health quizzes for students. - Teeth names / tooth classification / mouth and face anatomy.
Online dental quizzes for young children.
Online quizzes about Dental and Tooth Anatomy.
Online quizzes about Mouth and Tongue Anatomy.
Online quizzes about Facial Anatomy.
Online quizzes about tooth numbering and tooth identification. | The Universal tooth-numbering system.
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Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy): What is "having a root canal"?
When is root canal treatment needed?  Signs, symptoms, and indications for performing endodontic therapy.
Is root canal treatment painful. Does root canal treatment hurt?
The root canal treatment process: What are the individual steps of the root canal therapy procedure?
Should you expect any pain after your root canal treatment?
Dental work for root canal teeth: Why is a dental post and crown placed after endodontic therapy has been completed?
Root canal treatment: Costs, prices. Should an endontist perform your root canal procedure?
Root canal treatment alternatives: Is there any alternative to having endodontic treatment performed?
How long will root canal treatment last? / Root canal problems, complications and failures.
Root canal myths: Root canal treatment requires a lot of appointments.
Root canal treatment: Can an existing dental crown still be used after a tooth's endodontic therapy has been completed?
Coronal leakage: What is it? How can it cause root canal treatment to fail?
Can a root canal treated tooth be restored with a dental filling instead of a crown?
When is a specialist (endodontist) needed for root canal work?
Why is a rubber dam required during root canal treatment?
Signs on x-rays that indicate that root canal treatment is needed.
By the numbers: Tooth roots and root canals.
Tray teeth whitening: A complete guide to at-home tray-based teeth bleaching technique. -
Teeth stains: Types of tooth discoloration (by color) - Brown, gray, yellow, white, tetracycline, fluorosis, tea, coffee, wine, tobacco. -
Teeth whitening: Does it really work? What types of tooth staining can it correct? -
Tray teeth whitening: How long does it take? How long do the results last? -
Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening: Is it safe? Is it a better choice than using hydrogen peroxide? -
Teeth whitening side effects: Tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, uneven bleaching. -
Teeth whiteners and dental work: What effect can whiteners have on dental fillings, veneers, and cements.
Cosmetic tooth bonding: Closing in the spaces of a gap-toothed smile. White fillings for front teeth.
The science of tooth bonding: How does dental composite create a bond with tooth enamel?
Placing dental bonding: What steps does a dentist perform when creating a bonded dental restoration for a tooth? (continued)
Tooth bonding for posterior teeth: Advantages and disadvantages of placing white fillings in back teeth.
How much does dental bonding cost?
How to use dental floss: Flossing technique - tips, pointers, a source for flossing instructions and pictures.
Flossing mistakes: 10 things not to do when you floss.
Dental implants: An illustrated guide to the procedure that dentists follow when placing tooth implants.
Tooth implants procedure: Creating the dental work for a tooth implant.
Placing a dental implant or having root canal treatment: Which is the best choice?
What are dental implants? / Implant parts. / Contraindications for placement.
Tooth implants: Examining gum tissue and jawbones in preparation for placing dental implants.
Tooth implants: Preparing a site for a dental implant using the sinus lift procedure.
How much do dental implants cost? How cost-effective are they?
What is tooth decay?
What causes tooth decay?
How long does it take for cavities to form?
How does fluoride help to prevent tooth decay?
Tooth white-spot lesions. | What they are. | Concerns with dental braces.
Baby-bottle tooth decay, Root caries, Gum-line cavities, Xerostomia.
Dental Fluorosis - What is it? Why does it form? Treatments.
Colgate Total vs. Crest Pro-Health: Comparing multi-protection toothpastes.
The best anticavity toothpastes.
Tooth extractions: Why are extractions needed? Why might a tooth extraction not be a good idea?
What happens during a tooth extraction?
Tooth extraction aftercare: A listing of common post tooth extraction instructions. (First 24 hours.)
Tooth extractions aftercare: A listing of common post tooth extraction instructions. (After the first 24 hours.)
Tooth extractions - costs, prices, and dental insurance codes.
Surgical extractions for broken and impacted teeth, curved roots. | Tooth sectioning, Bone trimming.
Placing and removing dental stitches. Self-dissolving sutures. Gum tissue flaps.
Post-tooth extraction complications: Bone sequestra / Tooth fragments.
Tooth extraction healing: How much time does it take for an extraction site to heal?
Tooth extraction swelling: How to manage it. / Causes.
Why do some dental injections hurt?
The alveoloplasty (alveoplasty) procedure.
How much extraction procedure pain can you expect?
How long does a tooth extraction take?
Dental Sealants: What are tooth sealants? How do they help to prevent tooth decay?
How are dental sealants (tooth sealants) placed?
Dental sealants: How much do tooth sealants cost?
Whitening strips (Whitestrips®)- Whitener concentration | Ingredients
Are whitening strips (Crest Whitestrips®) safe to use? Do they harm teeth?
Whitening strip side effects- Sensitive teeth & gums. Remedies and solutions.
Instructions for Crest Whitestrips®- Part 1: Applying the strips.
Wearing Crest Whitestrips®- How long & often are they worn?
How effective are Whitestrips®? - Comparisons to other at-home methods.
How frequently are touch-ups needed after whitening strip treatment?
How many kits of whitening strips can you use? How often?
How harmful is swallowing a whitening strip?
What are impacted wisdom teeth?
Why should impacted wisdom teeth be extracted?
Reasons why impacted wisdom teeth should be extracted. (continued)
Wisdom tooth extractions: Complications and risks.
Ways to predict how difficult a wisdom tooth extraction will be.
Wisdom teeth extractions - cost, prices, dental insurance codes.
Impacted wisdom tooth infections: Pericoronitis - Causes and treatment.
Wisdom tooth complications / Reasons to extract: Tooth decay.
Wisdom tooth complications / Reasons to extract: Gum disease (periodontal disease).
Wisdom teeth: Is it always necessary to have an impacted wisdom tooth extracted?
Paresthesia (nerve damage) after wisdom tooth removal: How long does it last? Can it be treated?
Wisdom tooth extractions: At what age should wisdom teeth be removed?
Conscious sedation for oral surgery procedures.
Can wisdom teeth cause front tooth crowding?