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Ways to get in touch.

This page discusses the various methods you can use to be in contact with us at Animated-Teeth.com, or our owner WMDS, Inc. They include: email, page comments, or our website feedback feature.

Let us thank you in advance for anything you have to share, either positive or negative.

The ground rules. (WMDS, Inc. contact policy.)

Before you write, please read through the following information. It may provide the answer you require.

  • It is our policy that we will not by any means of communication discuss, provide advice, make a recommendation or otherwise make specific comments about any person's dental treatment, either contemplated, planned or completed.

    For these types of clinical inquiries, we've partnered (we receive a fee for referrals) with the JustAnswers.com service who may be a source for the information you are seeking. (You'll find one of their question submission boxes below.)

JustAnswer.com submission box.

  • We don't offer treatment referral or expert witness services.
  • If we feel your communication exceeds the boundaries of our contact policy, we will neither respond to it, or in the case of page comments, post it on Animated-Teeth.com.
  • Except for parties with whom we have a previously existing business relationship, we generally ignore inquiries made via telephone.
  • We do not grant permission for others to use our content (text and/or images).
  • We do not participate in linking schemes, including those involving bloggers/content writers, so please don't ask.
  • Placing a link on your website directing your website visitors to Animated-Teeth.com so they may read and view our materials while visiting our website is encouraged. You do not need to request our permission to create this type of linking.

Contact methods.

a) Email.
  • Email (website or corporate) can be submitted to us at: info [at] animated-teeth [dot] com
  • For any query to which we do choose to reply, responses are seldom emailed back in a time frame of less than one week.
b) Page comments.

Some pages on Animated-Teeth.com allow website visitors to post comments.

  • All comments are queued for individual review before they are publicly posted on Animated-Teeth.com. This process may take several days.
  • Replies that require any level of detail typically take us several days to compose.
  • We usually approve (initially publish) comments and our reply to them at the same time.
c) Our website feedback function.

Essentially all of our pages have a Feedback/Anything missing? button in the margin on their right side.

  • Submissions via this method are not usually considered for public display on Animated-Teeth.com.
  • Depending on the nature of the feedback, a reply is sometimes given.
  • The review of feedback items and formulating a reply to them typically takes several days.

About the advertising you see on Animated-Teeth.com

From time to time we are contacted by site visitors requesting information about the products and services they have seen advertised on Animated-Teeth.com (which is owned by WMDS, Inc.).

Please understand that Animated-Teeth.com is a "content-based" website. Its primary function is to provide information to site visitors.

As a way of generating income, WMDS, Inc. sells advertising space to manufacturers, vendors, service providers and advertising networks, and displays "affiliate program" (product and services) links on the pages of Animated-Teeth.com.

Neither Animated-Teeth.com nor WMDS, Inc. -

  • Provides or sells any of the services or products that are seen or linked to on this website.
  • Control which products or services are displayed in ads.
  • Has any relationship with those who control the above matters other than by providing space for their advertising/promotional materials.
  • Here's a link to our disclosure statement for Animated-Teeth.com.

If you would like more information about those companies who advertise their products and services on our website, or the advertising agencies that provide the bulk of the advertising found on Animated-Teeth.com, please visit our Privacy Statement page for contact information.

[In regard to possible inquiries: We are satisfied with our current advertising partners and therefore are not looking to enter into a relationship with additional ad agencies or networks.]

Affiliate programs.

WMDS, Inc. is a member of both the Walmart.com and Amazon.com affiliate programs. As a participant, it earns income from qualifying purchases made via the use of any of the links displayed on Animated-Teeth.com that link to these websites (including the two above).

[In regard to possible inquiries: We are satisfied with the affiliate programs with whom we currently participate and therefore are not looking to enter into a relationship with additional programs.]