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Dr. Paul Cotner
Screen name: Staff Dentist

Contributor name: Dr. Paul Cotner

Screen name on Staff Dentist

Dental education: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) - Boston University, Boston, MA (USA). Graduation year 1982.

Clinical Practice: Dr. Cotner practiced general dentistry in private practice in Rhode Island and Missouri (USA) over the course of his career. He no longer maintains a regularly scheduled practice but continues to maintain an active dental license in the state of Missouri.

Primary role for

Dental content creation.

Additional roles for

Beyond creating text content for, Dr. Cotner also creates most of its illustrations and animations, and all of its smile makeovers. He also serves as the website's editor, and as such chooses the nature of the subject matter that it covers.

Additional duties for WMDS. Inc.:

Dr. Cotner serves as President of WMDS, Inc., the owner of He both founded the Corporation, and guided the development of the website from its inception in 2000. (The history of and WMDS, Inc.)


Any of the contact methods (feedback, comments, email) set up for interacting with can be directed to Dr. Cotner by placing the word "attention" preceding his name.

  • All will remain private and not published on our site.
  • Dr. Cotner performs his services as an employee of WMDS, Inc. Per our corporate policy, employees are instructed not to reply to requests for personal consultations, advice, recommendations, treatment referrals, expert witness services, etc...
  • In cases where a reply is deemed appropriate, a return email address would need to be included with the originating inquiry. However, doing so does not guarantee a response. Replies are seldom emailed back in a time frame of less than one week.