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Questions list : The Oral Anatomy (Part I) Quiz.

Here's a listing of the questions you'll be asked when you take our "Oral Anatomy" quiz. If you want to "study up" before you take the exam, you can find the information you need here on our Oral Anatomy lesson - Terms and definitions page.

For each question of the quiz, an arrow in the picture shown will point to a structure or landmark found inside the mouth. When answering the question you have some of these choices to choose from: Palatine Tonsils, Uvula, Tongue, Median Sulcus, Floor of Mouth, Upper Lip Frenulum, Lingual Frenulum, Hard Palate, Soft Palate, Rugae, Gingiva, Incisors, Canines, Eye Teeth, Cuspids, Bicuspids, Premolars, Molars, Deciduous Teeth, Baby Teeth. Good luck when taking your test!

You'll be asked: What mouth structure does the arrow point to?

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