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For students of all ages (basic, intermediate, advanced levels). / Pre-test study graphic.

Our two online tooth and dental anatomy exams test on landmarks that are important in the relationship between teeth and the hard and soft tissues of the jaw that surround them.

Our first quiz has been designed for intermediate to advanced-level students. The second is targeted for younger school children.

1) The 'Dental Anatomy' quiz.

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Exam Terms and definitions.

Graphic from 'Dental Anatomy' quiz.

The 'Dental Anatomy' quiz: Our intermediate-level tooth and dental anatomy quiz.

A) Tooth Root -
That portion of a tooth that is embedded in the jawbone. Individual types of teeth characteristically have 1, 2, or 3 roots. Individual roots can be distinct or fused with others.

B) Tooth Crown -
That portion of a tooth that lies above the gum line, and when you look in someone's mouth, the part of their teeth that you see. This is also that part of a tooth that is covered with dental enamel.

C) Tooth Neck -
The area where a tooth's root and crown meet. It's found in the same general area as where a tooth's gum line lies.

D) Enamel -
The white, calcified tissue that covers the crown portion of a tooth. It's the hardest (most mineralized) tissue found in the human body.

E) Dentin -
A calcified tissue that is harder than bone but less mineralized than tooth enamel. Most of a tooth's hard internal structure is composed of dentin.

F) Cementum -
A very thin layer of calcified tissue that covers the surface of a tooth's root. The fibers of one side of a tooth's periodontal ligament are anchored in this layer.

G) Dental Pulp -
The soft tissue that lies within the hollow chamber found inside each tooth. It's composed of blood vessels, nerve fibers and connective tissue. Informally, it's often referred to simply as a tooth's "nerve."

H) Alveolar Bone -
That aspect of the jawbone that encases and anchors the roots of teeth. The portion of the jaw where tooth sockets are located.

I) Gingiva -
The oral skin tissue that surrounds the teeth and covers the surface of the jawbones. It is also referred to as gum tissue.

J) Periodontal Ligament -
That tissue that occupies the space between a tooth's root and the bone that surrounds it. It firmly binds the tooth in place within its socket.

K) Pulp Chamber -
The hollow space that lies within the center of a tooth's crown. It is filled with the tooth's pulp tissue.

2) The 'Parts of a Tooth' quiz. - Dental landmarks and features.

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Graphic from 'Parts of a Tooth' quiz.

The 'Parts of a Tooth' quiz: Our basic-level tooth and dental anatomy quiz.

Exam terms and definitions.

A) Tooth Enamel -
The hard white covering of a tooth. (It only covers that part of a tooth that can be seen.)

B) Tooth Root -
The part of a tooth held and supported by the jawbone. (It's the portion of a tooth that can't be seen.)

C) Dental Pulp -
The tooth's "nerve" tissue. It's located in the center portion of a tooth and its roots.

D) Nerve -
The bundles of fibers that carry messages to and from a tooth and our brain.

E) Jawbone -
The hard tissue that surrounds, holds and supports teeth.




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