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Why not have your braces say something about you? - Color schemes for bands. / Unique bracket shapes. / Gold dental braces.

Why not be unique?

If you've decided to have your teeth straightened using conventional braces (metal brackets and wires on the front side of your teeth), you should consider some of the different ways you can spiff them up or make them special.

After all, if they're going to show, why not make them unique? Create some individuality. Have some fun.

How do you personalize metal braces?

If you're looking for ways that your braces can make a statement about you, consider these options.

  • Choose a unique color scheme for your elastic bands. - Show off your personality through the colors you choose for your braces.
  • Select brackets that have a fun shape. - Your brackets can be stars, flowers or footballs, just to name a few.
  • Opt for gold dental braces. - The color of gold can soften the appearance of your braces and give them an air of sophistication.

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Ways regular metal dental braces can be personalized.

The components of conventional dental braces.

The parts of conventional dental braces. Each one can be personalized.

A) Elastic ties - You have a rainbow of colors to choose from.

Every orthodontist will encourage their patients to choose the color of the elastic bands that are used with their braces. And this means that the usual "tin grin" can instead be transformed into a rainbow of color opportunities.

You might choose bands that have a bright, or even fluorescent, color. Or, at the other extreme, pick white or ivory elastics that help your braces to blend in better with your smile.


Different color schemes for dental braces elastic bands.

Be unique in the colors you choose.

Don't just pick a color, pick a color scheme.

When making a choice, don't overlook mixing and matching. After all, why just go with a single color when instead you can have a color scheme.

Is it Christmas? Pick red and green ties. Are you on the pep squad? Then maybe go with bands that are the same as your school's colors. And, of course, July just begs for red, white and blue elastics.

You can pick out a different color scheme every time.

Don't worry, just because you've chosen a scheme once doesn't mean that you're stuck with it. Elastic ties are usually replaced during each appointment (usually every few weeks).

So, make a change, or even be adventurous. It doesn't cost a thing other than the courage to do it. (In case you're wondering, your orthodontist buys these bands for less than a penny a piece.)

Things to think about when making a choice.

  • White or ivory bands can help to mask your braces. But depending on the types of things you eat and drink, they may tend to stain.
  • Darker bands don't stain but they don't help to hide your braces either.
  • Bold colors make a statement.
  • Mixing colors is just plain fun.

B) Fashion brackets - Orthodontic brackets that have unique shapes.

Another way patients can make their braces special is by choosing brackets that have a unique or distinctive outline. Here are some of the shapes that are available:

  • Stars, Hearts, Soccer balls, Footballs, Flowers, Diamonds, Clubs and "Mickey".

Is your treatment any different when fashion brackets are used?

Heart and star-shaped orthodontic brackets.

Heart and star "fashion" orthodontic brackets.

With novelty brackets, your treatment is just the same as with regular metal ones, with the exception that they're more fun to show off.

In most cases, they're only placed on the center four or six upper front teeth because these are the only ones that really show very much when you smile.

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C) Gold dental braces.

Another way you can dress up metal braces is by choosing gold.

It has a softer look.

Some people like gold because they feel it has a warmer look than stainless steel, and this helps their braces to blend in better with their smile.


Other people choose gold because they like the appearance of the metal itself. They feel that its luster makes their braces standout, in the sense that they look more distinctive, or even reminiscent of fine-quality jewelry.

Ask what color they'll be.

Before picking this option, ask your orthodontist to show you what your braces will look like. Gold can range from a deep yellow color to one that's very light and pale. Make sure you know which yours will be, and that you like it, beforehand.

Gold dental braces.

Gold plated bracket and wire.

Are the braces really made out of gold?

Gold braces are only golden in appearance. They get their color from a coating that has been applied to their surface.

The brackets themselves are made out of a base metal that's been picked out because it has good physical properties for orthodontic work. Gold, especially 24K, is too soft for this purpose.

If you're really interested, you'll have to ask your orthodontist for information about the exact type of coating that has been applied to the hardware they use. It may be true 24K gold plating, or else a gold-colored coating such as titanium nitride (TiN) or zirconium nitride (ZrN).

Ask your dentist if a gold archwire be used.

Just so you don't get a surprise, it's a good idea to ask your dentist if gold-colored arch wires will be used with your treatment.

  • Some people chose gold braces because they want the appearance of this color in their smile. For these patients, having a matching archwire will help to complete this look.
  • Other patients may choose gold brackets simply because they think they show less. In this case, if the archwire running across their teeth is fairly thin, its color, silver or gold, may not really matter very much. And since gold-plated arch wires tend to cost more, choosing this option may be perfectly acceptable.

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Is your treatment any different when gold braces are used?

No, orthodontic treatment performed using gold or stainless steel braces is the same.



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