What are Invisalign Express® and Teen®?

Align Technology offers two variations of their standard aligner program. They are the Invisalign Express® and Teen® systems.

Each of these options provides the dentist with more flexibility in accommodating the treatment needs of their patients.

Invisalign Express®

This option can reduce the patient's overall costs.

The Express® program makes it possible for a dentist to treat relatively minor orthodontic cases for less. Instead of the standard 20 or 30 sets of aligners, this system only involves the use of 10 or fewer, which reduces the dentist's overhead costs. (See the chart below for further comparisons between this and standard Invisalign®.)

What kinds of cases can it be used treat?

Invisalign Express® is most suited for treating simple cases, such as small amounts of tooth crowding, minor tooth rotations, and small midline corrections (teeth aligned off-center). Some common applications include:

  • Treating minor alignment imperfections in front teeth.
  • Correcting relapse that has occurred following previous orthodontic treatment (like that caused by the patient not wearing their retainers).
  • Making minor alignment changes in preparation for other dental work, such as placing veneers.

Alternatives to Express®.

There are other clear-aligner systems designed to treat many of these same types of cases. One of them is Simpli 5®.

Most dentist want erupted second molars be fore Invisalign®  treatment is begun.

Invisalign Teen®

The Teen® program offers all of the features of the standard Invisalign® system plus some that assist the dentist in dealing with problems unique to treating younger patients.

When is it used?

Invisalign Teen® is intended for use with "less dentally mature" patients. This means those children who have lost their baby teeth but their permanent teeth have not yet fully erupted.

(Most of the problem associated with treating younger children with Invisalign® has to do with the patient's 2nd molars and the difficulty in managing them as they come into place.)

What age group is Teen® used with?

The transitional period described above takes place at a different age with each child. The last baby teeth usually fall out between ages 10 and 12. The 2nd molars are usually in place by age 12 to 14. This places the treatment time window for Teen® somewhere between 10 and 14 years.

What's special about Invisalign Teen®?

Teen® includes all of the features of standard Invisalign®. But it's different due to the fact that compensation for tooth eruption is factored into the treatment. It also includes an allowance for the replacement of up to 6 lost or damaged aligners, something that might be important in treating patients in this age group.

A comparison of Invisalign® systems - General information:

Note: Teen® includes the same features as standard Invisalign®.

 Standard Invisalign®Invisalign Express®
Case complexityMild to moderateMild
Intended useFull orthodontic treatmentMinor tooth alignment
Orthodontic relapse
Before other dental work
Number of sets of aligners20 to 30, but can be more10 or fewer
Treatment time1 year6 months
Aligner wearing timeAround the clock except when eating or brushingAround the clock except when eating or brushing
Checkup interval4 to 6 weeks4 to 6 weeks
Estimated patient costSee our Braces Costs page.See our Braces Costs page.
Dentist price per caseSee our Braces Costs page.See our Braces Costs page.
Does dental insurance cover treatment?Usually to the same extent as traditional bracesUsually to the same extent as traditional braces

A comparison of Invisalign® systems - Applications:

This next comparison table shows that both systems can be used to treat a similar range of conditions. But because the Express® system involves the use of fewer aligners (see above), the total amount of tooth movement that it can handle is simply less.

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 Standard Invisalign®Invisalign Express®
Maximum tooth crowdingLess than 6 mm2 mm or less
Maximum tooth spacingLess than 6 mm2 mm or less
Maximum rotation of incisors45 degrees or less15 degrees or less
Maximum rotation of cuspids30 degrees or less10 degrees or less
Maximum Midline correction2mm or less2mm or less
Maximum arch expansion2 to 4 mm1.5 mm

Invisalign® Braces
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