Lumineers® pricing.

The cost for having Lumineers® placed is usually along the same line as conventional porcelain veneers. Here's a very ballpark price estimate for this procedure.

$700.00  to  $1300.00  per Lumineer®.
Low = Small rural town | High = Large metropolitan area.

How did we come up with this estimate?

(The total fee for a case is typically calculated at a fixed rate per tooth being treated. For example, a case involving the placement of veneers on six front teeth will typically cost exactly six times the dentist's fee for placing one.)

More cost estimates.

These links provide estimates for other types of veneers:
1) Fees for conventional porcelain veneers.  
2) Fees for composite veneers (dental bonding).

Related considerations:

A) Does dental insurance cover Lumineers®? -

Most dental policies will not provide coverage for procedures whose only purpose is making a cosmetic change for a tooth. The vast majority of porcelain veneer cases (including Lumineer®) fall into this category.

Exceptions -

An insurance plan may cover veneers if placing them also provides some important non-cosmetic benefit. This might include correcting some type of dental health issue or the replacement of deteriorated veneers that now place a tooth at risk for dental disease.

Pre-treatment authorization -

Only your dentist can determine if your situation potentially justifies coverage. If they think it may, they can fill out the needed insurance forms and petition your provider on your behalf in hope of gaining pre-treatment authorization for performing the work.

B) Why Lumineers® don't (usually) cost less than conventional veneers.

The amount of treatment time a dentist needs to set aside for a no-drill Lumineers® case is likely less than what they need when placing conventional veneers. But this cost-cutting factor is (at least in part) offset by the fact that their dental laboratory expenses for Lumineers® will probably be greater than for other types of veneers.

C) Don't overlook the cost of replacement veneers. -

When evaluating the costs of any type of veneering procedure, don't overlook the fact that the work will likely need to be replaced at some point during your lifetime. (See our next section.)

How long will Lumineers® last?

Studies suggest that even those Lumineers® made to ultra-thin specifications can be expected to have a lifespan that's on par with traditional porcelain veneers.

Several studies (Ciancio, 2006) have shown that the lifespan of a Lumineer® can easily exceed ten years. One study found a 94% success rate at 20 years.

You must anticipate that your Lumineers® will need to be replaced at some point during your lifetime.

You can't realistically expect any type of dental restoration to last forever. This is especially true in those cases where its appearance is a critical factor (such as a veneer on a front tooth). We discuss the aspects of this topic in greater detail on our page: What is the true cost of having porcelain veneers placed?

Why don't all dentists place Lumineers®?

One Den-Mat Corporation website states that more than 5000 dentists nationwide use Lumineers® in their practice (June, 2006).

The American Dental Association estimates that there are just over 160,000 dentists in the USA (20% of which are dental specialists).

This would suggest that only 3 to 5% of the dentists who might place Lumineers® choose to do so.

Why wouldn't a dentist want to offer them?

There can be some good reasons why a dentist doesn't place Lumineers®.

  • Some dentists may feel that they don't get the same lifelike appearance with Lumineers® that they can with other types of porcelain veneers.
  • This brand is heavily advertised and this no doubt affects the pricing of their product. There are competing brands of ultra-thin veneers that a dentist can choose.
  • The dentist may have a relationship with a dental laboratory that they have cultivated over the years and prefer to maintain. If it's a local dental lab, they probably have an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the dental technician who makes their veneers. Since there are only a few Cerinate® Design Studios (the dental laboratories that make Lumineers®), an opportunity to work in direct contact with the technician is much less likely.
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