How much do orthodontic retainers cost? | Replacement retainers.

Ortho Retainers.

You'll probably find that the cost of your dental retainers is in addition to the cost of your orthodontic treatment (although the exact pricing may have already been explained to you and added into your price estimate when you first started treatment). This is because there is usually more than one type of retainer that can be utilized (permanent/fixed, Essix, Vivera®, Hawley).

Whichever type is chosen, you can anticipate that the price of any type of retainer will run from several hundred dollars on up (depending on the region and locality in which you live).

How much does it cost to replace lost or damaged dental retainers?

You have to expect that there will be an additional charge for replacing lost or damaged retainers. The cost for replacing one will probably be on the order of at least one hundred dollars, on up.

You'll probably find the most sympathetic ear (in terms of the fee that's charged) if you seek replacements from the same dentist that originally provided your orthodontic treatment.

Make sure you replace a lost retainer as soon as possible.

If you do find that you have lost your dental retainers, don't put off calling your dentist's office. You will want to replace them as soon as is possible and it may take a little time for the new ones to be made.

Remember, you've invested a lot of time and effort in achieving your new smile and these results must be protected. If you don't wear your retainers as instructed the alignment of your teeth may relapse. In some instances, this change may occur much more quickly than you'd expect.

The Invisalign Vivera® orthodontic retainer program.

A Vivera® orthodontic retainer.

You and your dentist may decide that you should participate in Align Technology, Inc.'s Vivera® dental retainer program. This fee-based Invisalign® service delivers a new set of clear plastic Essix-type dental retainers every three months.

The idea associated with this program is that over time retainers can become damaged or fatigued and therefore ineffective at maintaining the alignment of your teeth. Before this occurs, a new set is delivered to you. A side benefit of this program is that you will, at some point, have an old set of retainers that you can wear if needed if you have damaged or lost your current set.

Be careful with your retainers.

A really common place where retainers are lost, especially for kids, is the lunchroom, right off your food tray. Retainers are often wrapped in a napkin, forgotten about and then lost when the tray is emptied or returned.

Another potential problem lies with the family dog. Retainers sometimes have a smell to them that evidently some dogs can't resist, so keep your retainers up high and out of their reach.

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