How much do partial dentures cost? -

Price range estimates for cast metal, acrylic and flexible acrylic (Valplast®) removable partial dentures.

This page provides fee estimates for the following categories of removable partial dentures:

  • 1) Cast metal - Metal frame work partials.
  • 2) Acrylic - Plastic partials, sometimes having wire clasps.
  • 3) Flexible acrylic (Valplast®, Duraflex®, tcs®) - Plastic partials having flexible plastic clasps.
"Per unit" fees.

In all cases, the costs shown on this page are for a single "unit," meaning one partial (either upper or lower).

While your situation may vary, in most cases the total number of teeth replaced by a partial, either large or small, has minimal impact on its overall price.

Fees for removable partial dentures.

The cost for a partial varies, primarily due to the type of material from which its "major connector" (framework, base portion) is made.

A) Cast-metal partial dentures -

  • Removable partial denture, cast metal framework - Upper or lower.

        $950.00 - $1900.00
        Low fee = Small rural city or town.
        High fee = Large metropolitan area.

(How did we come up with this estimate?)

What is a cast partial?

Cast-metal partial dentures are so named because their underlying metal framework (substructure, major connector and tooth clasps) is custom fabricated (cast from metal alloy). Denture teeth and gum-colored plastic are then added to this framework to complete the appliance.

Cast partials are typically the standard by which other types of partial dentures are compared. Due to the advantages they offer (strength, durability, excellent fit and retention, minimal thickness), they are typically considered to be the preferred type for most applications.

How much does your dentist pay for a cast partial denture?

Only a technician working in a dental laboratory has the skills and equipment necessary to fabricate a cast-metal partial. And that means, beyond all of the other expenses involved when your dentist makes one for you, they'll also incur a lab fee.

Fee estimate for cast-metal partial denture: (Your dentist's cost.)

  • Partial denture, cast-metal framework  -  $160.00 to $220.00

The quality of materials used (teeth, plastic and metal alloy) as well as the design of the partial will affect the price. Vitallium® is a well known premium-quality partial denture alloy.

B) Acrylic (hard plastic) partial dentures -

  • Removable partial denture, acrylic (plastic) base - Upper or lower.

        $650.00 - $1050.00

What are acrylic partial dentures?

As their name implies, the base portion (major connector) of an acrylic partial is made out of (gum-colored) plastic. The needed denture teeth and metal tooth clasps are embedded in this plastic base.

Acrylic partials are typically considered to be less desirable than cast ones (in terms of function, strength, durability and their effect on the patient's natural teeth). They do, however, offer the advantage that if more natural teeth are lost, additional artificial teeth can usually be added to the existing appliance. (A new partial does not have to be made, which is often the case with cast appliances.)

Common reasons to choose an acrylic partial is the lower cost or that an appliance is just needed for some sort of temporary purpose.

C) Acrylic (flexible plastic) partial dentures-

  • Removable partial denture, flexible plastic base and clasps (Valplast®, Duraflex®, tcs®) - Upper or lower.

        $1000.00 - $1450.00

What are flexible partial dentures?

"Flexible" partials are appliances where both their base and tooth clasps are made out of a pliable (bendable) tissue-colored plastic.

  • Their flexible nature can make wearing this type of appliance less irritating to teeth and soft tissues.
  • The fact that the tooth clasps are the same color as gum tissue can help to make them less noticeable.

Some of the brand names involved with this type of appliance are Valplast®, Duraflex® and tcs®.

How much does your dentist pay for a flexible partial?

Fee estimate for flexible-plastic partial denture: (Your dentist's cost.)

  • Partial denture (Valplast®, Duraflex®, tcs®)  -  $160.00 to $210.00

Additional expenses

a) Tooth-extractions.

If they haven't been removed already, the cost of tooth extractions must not be overlooked. If many are needed, this may add substantial additional expense. (We provide fee estimates for tooth extractions here.)


In some cases, alveoloplasty may be required too. This is a surgical procedure that's used to reshape the jawbone ridge so it's idealized for wearing the new partial. (We discuss this procedure here.) Since the amount of correction that's needed will vary by case and design of the appliance, the associated fee can vary substantially.



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