The Red White & Blue®, RW II® and Simpli5® orthodontic systems.

While Invisalign® may be the best-known invisible braces product, there are other brands available. Three of them are the Simpli 5®, Red White & Blue®, and RW II® systems. They are manufactured by AOA Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc.

These systems are typical invisible braces products.

While they do differ in the way that their aligners are made and the types of cases that they can be used to treat, from a standpoint of patient experience, these systems are essentially identical to Invisalign®.

A comparison of the appearance of Invisalign® vs. traditional braces.

The aligners are made out of a thin, clear plastic that makes them relatively invisible to others.

Wearing them involves many of the same issues as wearing Invisalign®.

What kinds of cases can these systems treat?

The Simpli5®, Red White & Blue®, and RW II® systems are use to treat cases that only involve minor to moderate misalignments of just anterior teeth (front teeth). Examples include:

  • Correcting minor malocclusions. - Situations where the corrective measures needed just involve small tooth rotations, minor tooth torquing or tipping, or else closing in narrow spaces between teeth.
  • Post orthodontic refinement. - For example, placing the finishing touches on a case after the patient's wire braces have been removed.
  • Correcting orthodontic relapse. - Like that that has taken place because the patient did not wear their retainer.
  • Making minor alignment improvements in preparation for dental work. - Such as improving the alignment of teeth before placing a set of porcelain veneers.
  • For use with patients who want invisible/removable braces treatment but do not need the intensity of the Invisalign® system (or even Invisalign Express®).

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Product characteristics.

As you'll read below, each of the systems outlined on this page varies by way of the number of aligners that it involves. Since each one is typically just used to produce tooth movement on the order of 1/2 mm (a little more than 1/64th of an inch), the more aligners that a system offers, the more difficult the case it can be used to treat.

a) Simpli 5® - 5 aligners. / Treatment for both upper and lower teeth.

Simpli5® is a five-aligner system that can be used to treat one or both of a patient's dental arches (an "arch" is either the patient's upper or lower teeth). In the case of dual-arch treatment, a total of five pairs of aligners are worn.

Simpli 5® was introduced as a new product in 2006. From a practical standpoint, however, it is simply an extension (in terms of the number of aligners and arches treated) of the previously available Red White & Blue® system.

b) Red White & Blue® - 3 aligners. / Treatment for upper or lower teeth.

The Red White & Blue® orthodontic system is a three-appliance product that's used to treat just one dental arch (either upper or lower).

As compared to Simpli 5®, this system is intended for use with less involved cases. This diminished capability, however, is only due to the reduced number of aligners that are worn. The aligners themselves are the same.

The name Red White & Blue stems from the fact that each aligner is tagged with a small colored dot so the patient can easily identify the sequence in which it should be worn.

c) RW II® - 2 aligners. / Treatment for upper or lower teeth.

The RW II® system involves the use of just two aligners and is used to treat just one dental arch (either upper or lower).

RWII® aligners are different than those used with other removable braces systems. These are lined with a soft, flexible inner lining that is supposed to allow for more tooth movement, while using a lighter orthodontic force.

Other advantages of this lining are that it increases aligner retention and makes these appliances more comfortable to wear. Even with their soft lining, RW II® aligners are clear and, when worn, look like normal invisible braces.

Estimated treatment times.

The total treatment time associated with each of these systems differs, due to the fact that each one involves wearing a different number of aligners. In general, aligners are worn on the order of two to four weeks each. Simple math implies the following treatment times for each product.

     5 aligners X 2 to 4 weeks = 10 to 20 weeks of treatment time.
Red White & Blue®
     3 aligners X 2 to 4 weeks = 6 to 12 weeks of treatment time.
     2 aligners X 2 to 4 weeks = 4 to 8 weeks of treatment time.

Checkup intervals.

The manufacturer's literature suggests that regular checkup evaluations may be as infrequent as six to eight weeks. If so, the dental patient will need to be sent home with the additional aligners that their case requires. After the expected 2 to 4 weeks of wear, and at that point when the fit of the current aligner seems passive, the patient would then switch to wearing the next one.

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